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Coirpith manufacturers in Thoothukudi

What is Coir Pith?

Coir pith, often known as coco peat or Bloom Bricks, is beneficial to seedlings. It is a spongy substance that binds the coconut fibre in the husk, which is finding new applications. It is a great soil conditioner and is widely used as a soil-less medium in agri-horticultural applications. Coir pith is perfect for growing anthuriums and orchids due to its moisture retention properties.

Coir pith manufacturers in Thoothukudi

Coir pith manufacturers in Thoothukudi supplies 5kg blocks of coir pith which come in a variety of grades that are excellent for hydroponics, potting media, or retail usage. They have several possibilities, such as wrapped blocks with personalised branding. It works well with vegetable crops and young fruits in open conditions. This substrate can be mixed with another substrate to increase stability and aeration.

Qualities of Coir pith

Coir pith is naturally waterproof, one of the few natural fibres resistant to saltwater corrosion, has a neutral pH balance, is widely available, and is eco-friendly. Coir pith manufacturers in Thoothukudi make it an excellent material for agriculture and horticulture. Coir pith has the potential to hold a lot of water. It is used to enhance gardening soil in place of regular peat moss. It is also utilized in some plant cultivation as a soil-free media.

Benefits of Coco Pith

Coco pith does not contain a lot of nutrients on its own. As a result, the coir pith manufacturers in Thoothukudi frequently adds it to gardening soil. It is a welcome gardening addition because it is free of bacteria and fungus and is thought to be an insect and mould repellant. One of the most appealing attributes of coco pith is that it could be reused up to three times, trying to make it more environmentally friendly than peat moss and other alternatives. Coir pith is a good multi-purpose growing medium because it is environmentally friendly and abundantly available.